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A bit of a Carry on
9th April 2024
Tyler Butterworth

Despite any misgivings over the title of the April lecture: A Bit of a Carry On, members and guests need not have worried. They were presented with the remarkable story of actor Peter Butterworth [1915-1979] who appeared in 16 of the longest ever series of film titles, and his wife, actress, comedian and Britain’s first female tv impressionist, Janet Brown [1923-2011], by their son Tyler Butterworth.
The speaker, himself an actor from the age of four, later a documentary maker, was a very proficient storyteller sharing personal and hitherto unknown moments of his parents in their shared life in show business and with friends when family life allowed.

The audience laughed at the carefully chosen clips of timeless comic sequences and were able to recognise the host of famous faces which appeared in them. Both parents were subjects of the iconic tv series This Is Your Life, Peter in 1975 and Janet in 1980, one of few married couples to be featured individually. The lecture served to reminded us of simpler times and of our parents’ generation, many of whom lived through the wartime years without talking of their experiences to their families.
Tony Cross
A member of The Arts Society
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