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Kosovo’s Capital, Pristina : Mulberry Trees, Mosques, Macchiato and Mother Teresa
22nd February 2023
Presented by Elizabeth Gowering



In this visit Elizabeth will share with us the things she loves about this little-known but fascinating city. We will learn about the youngest population in Europe in a majority Muslim city whose main boulevard commemorates Mother Teresa – as one of the country’s most famous daughters. She will show us the library which qualified for inclusion in a list of the world’s ugliest buildings, and provide impressions of travellers there in war and peacetime.  Finally, she will ask you to work out who is being commemorated in Medlin Olbrajt square – and why?


Pristina has a vibrant cafe culture, so join us with a cup of coffee beside you to enjoy this voyage of discovery in a city no more than three hours’ flying time from London.



Arts Society lecturer, writer and trainer, Elizabeth Gowing has for 15 years had a home in Pristina, where she co-founded an organisation to empower and support local people in need and promote a culture of volunteering and philanthropy.

A member of The Arts Society
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