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The Architecture of Mussolini
27th March 2024
Presented by Stuart Harvey



In Italy the two decades that Benito Mussolini was in power are referred to as

“il Ventennio Fascista”. In this tour, our ever popular Rome guide Stuart Harvey

will examine the origins of fascism and how Mussolini was able to take such

total control of the Italian state, focusing particularly on his use of propaganda

and symbolism from Ancient Rome.


Then we will look at the physical architectural changes his regime brought to

the city, examining the monumental building projects that came to define the

“fascist style”, many of which are still prominent parts of the urban landscape

of Rome today. Finally we will track the fall of Mussolini and some of horrors of

the Nazi occupation of Rome prior to the liberation of the city by Allied Forces in June 1944.


An Englishman in Rome, Stuart has been enjoying life in the Eternal City since 2001, when he left his native London. Having already qualified as a licensed "Blue Badge" Tourist Guide in London in 1998, Stuart is proud to have also passed the Provincia di Roma exams to become a licensed Tour Guide of Rome, becoming one of very few people to hold both qualifications.
While at university Stuart broadened his horizons with work exchange programs in Canada and the USA. He has also lived and worked in Australia, France, Austria….and now Italy.

Stuart's love of history and language brought him into the travel industry in 1992, leading American educational tour groups all over Europe. This instilled in him the idea that a Tour Guide should be both informative and fun - not a dusty, dry professor, but a friend who can share the local traditions and amusing anecdotes as well as the history, art and architecture of the city and its monuments.

A member of The Arts Society
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