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A walk around Art Nouveau Vienna
17th January 2023
Presented by Claudia Muchitsch



The Art Nouveau style emerged in Paris and across Europe from around 1890 to 1910. Inspired by natural forms and a sense of flowing movement, and using modern materials, Art Nouveau was a sharp break with the past. The style’s influence across Europe laid the foundation for modern art. In Vienna it appeared as the  Secession in 1897 when a group of artists and designers led by Gustav Klimt rebelled against the highly conservative traditions of art in Austria. The Secession founded a magazine, Ver Sacrum, to promote their works and the architect Joseph Olbrich designed the domed Secession building in the new style. It became a showcase for the paintings of Gustav Klimt and other Secession artists.

Profile – Claudia Muchitsch

Claudia has been leading tours in Vienna and elsewhere in Austria since 2007. She and her husband Martin now have their own company, Alpine Foxes, arranging bespoke tours for clients. When she is not leading tours or looking after their two sons, Claudia is also a guide at Vienna’s Sigmund Freud Museum, in the house where he lived for nearly 50 years.

A member of The Arts Society
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