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Kyoto: A tour of the City
25th March 2022
Presented by
Richard Farmer

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Join Insider Tour Leader, Richard Farmer live from Japan to talk through his walk of the ancient cultural capital of Kyoto. The walk was recorded in 2021 and strolls through the Higashiyama area of the city passing temples and shrines, through to the traditional Gion district and home to the iconic Geisha. Richard will be supplying commentary on history, religion, traditional and modern pop-culture as he walks the narrow roads and backstreets of this beautiful city.

InsideJapan Tours is the UK’s biggest independent Japan travel specialist based in Bristol and Nagoya, Japan. The specialists offer Small Group Tours and tailormade Self-Guided Adventures to get people ‘beneath the surface’ of the country and culture.


Profile - Richard Farmer

Richard's interest in Japan began with a passion for Zen Buddhism - especially in relation to history, art and architecture. It was this interest that led him to study Asian religion at SOAS in London, during which time he visited Japan for the first time in the summer holiday of his second year.

For six weeks Richard backpacked solo across Japan, staying in youth hostels, struggling to make himself understood in Japanese, getting into numerous interesting situations and generally having a fantastic time. Japan was everything that Richard had hoped it would be and more - he found the places so interesting and the people so friendly that when he got the opportunity to move there after graduating from university, it was an easy decision to make.

Richard spent five years teaching English in Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture and had free reign to feed his Zen addiction by visiting temples across the country, attending Buddhist art exhibitions, and staying at Daijo-ji - a training temple in Kanazawa. Over his five years, Richard spent a cumulative total of about two months at this temple, where he sometimes practiced zazen meditation for up to eight hours a day!

After his time in Kanazawa, Richard spent six years living in Kyoto, before hopping the prefectural border to Osaka where he currently lives, with the Buddhist hot spots of Kyoto and Nara still on his doorstep!

In his time, Richard has also worked as a chef at an okonomiyaki restaurant in London (okonomiyaki is his favourite Japanese food and happens to be one of the most famous dishes in his current home of Osaka), and also enjoys occasional holidays to France where he loves to gorge on wine and cheese.